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Returns a collection of taxa.

This resource describes all taxa in the database. Most taxa are biological taxa; however, some are biometric measures (e.g. pollen grain diameter) and some are physical parameters (e.g. organic matter).

Request Parameters

Any of the following parameters may be specified in the call. If no parameters are provided, all taxa in the database will be returned. Alternatively, use parameters to filter results to a subset of taxa.

Parameter Description
taxonid Unique database record identifier for a taxon.
taxonname Name or partial name of the taxon/taxa.
statusAcceptable values: extinct, extant, all; default is “all.”
taxagroup Taxa group code; see below.
ecolgroup Ecological group code; see below.

Taxa Group

Accepted values include:

Value Description
BIMBiometric variables
HRPReptiles and amphibians
LABLaboratory analyses
PHYPhysical variables
TESTestate amoebae
VPLVascular plants

Ecological Group

Accepted values are those in the EcolGroupID column in the following table: EcolGroupTypes.

Response Properties

A taxon resource is described by the following properties.

Property Description
TaxonID Unique database record identifier for a taxon.
TaxonCode Shorthand notation for a taxon identification.
TaxonName Name of the taxon.
Author Author(s) of the name. Used almost exclusively with beetle taxa.
Extinct True if extinct; false if extant.
TaxaGroup Code for taxa group to which taxon belongs.
EcolGroups Array of ecological group codes to which the taxon belongs.
HigherTaxonID TaxonID of the next higher taxonomic rank.
PublicationID Publication identification number.
NotesFree-form notes or comments about the taxon.


Request Description All taxa Taxa with names that contain the string 'bison' Extinct taxa that are in the mammal group Vascular plants that are upland herbs with names that contain 'alpinus'

View sample response

View sample response

View sample response

            "TaxonName":"Tilia americana",
            "TaxonName":"Tilia amurensis",

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