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Returns a collection of publications.

This resource provides publication or bibliographic information stored in the database. In the constituent databases that were originally merged into Neotoma, bibliographic entries were not parsed into separate properties, but rather were stored as free-form text. Because complete parsing of these thousands of legacy bibliographic entries into individual properties would have been prohibitively time consuming, the existing bibliographic data were ingested “as is” with a Publication Type of “Legacy.”

The merged databases used different bibliographic styles, and data entry personnel working on the same database sometimes followed different conventions. Consequently, the current bibliographic entries are not stylistically uniform. Eventually, the legacy bibliographic data will be parsed into separate properties.

Request Parameters

Any of the following parameters may be specified in the call. If no parameters are provided, all publications in the database will be returned. Alternatively, use parameters to filter results to a subset of publications.

Parameter Description
pubid Unique database record identifier for a publication.
contactid Unique database record identifier for a contact.
datasetid Unique database record identifier for a dataset.
author Full or part of author's last name.
pubtype Publication type; see below.
year Year of publication.
search A string to search for in the citation.

Publication Type

Accepted values for publication type include:

Value Description
Legacy Legacy citation ingested from another database and not parsed into separate fields
Journal Article Article in a journal
Book Chapter Chapter or section in an edited book
Authored Book An authored book
Edited Book An edited book
Master's Thesis A Master's thesis
Doctoral Dissertation A doctoral dissertation or Ph.D. thesis
Authored Report An authored report
Edited Report An edited report
Other Authored An authored publication not fitting in any other category (e.g. web sites, maps)
Other Edited An edited publication not fitting into any other category

Response Properties

A publication resource is described by the following properties.

Property Description
PublicationID Unique database record identifier for the publication.
PubType Publication type; see above.
Year Year of publication.
Citation The complete citation in a standard style. For legacy citations inherited from other databases, this field holds the citation as ingested from the other databases.
Authors Array of author objects; see below.

Author Object

An Author object is described by the following properties.

Property Description
ContactID Unique database record identifier for the person.
ContactNameFull name of the person, last name first (e.g. “Simpson, George Gaylord”) or name of organization or project (e.g. “Great Plains Flora Association”).
Order Order in which the author appears in the citation.


View sample response

View sample response

View sample response

            "Citation":"Jacobson, G.L., Jr., and E.C. Grimm. 1986. A numerical analysis of Holocene forest and prairie vegetation in central Minnesota. Ecology 67:958-966.",
                    "ContactName":"Jacobson, George L., Jr."
                    "ContactName":"Grimm, Eric Christopher"

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