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The Neotoma API is organized into resources (a.k.a. well-known endpoints) that represent the primary tangible things–like sites and datasets–about which users seek information.

The following resources are currently available:

SitesInformation about data collection locations including name, geographic coordinates, and description.
DatasetsInformation about sets of samples of particular data types from site collection units.
DownloadsComplete packaged datasets including the detailed sample data.
SampleDataDiscrete taxon/taxa occurrences in time and space useful for performing statistical analysis and creating data plots.
TaxaDescriptions of all taxa in the database. Most taxa are biological taxa; however, some are biometric measures (e.g. pollen grain diameter) and some are physical parameters (e.g. organic matter).
PublicationsInformation about publications and bibliographic information cataloged in the database.
ContactsInformation about the persons and organizations referenced in the database.

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