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DBTables Resources

DBTables provides access to all tables as structured natively in the database. These resources do not support data filtering queries via parameters; however, single records may be returned by specifying a record ID in the URL. Use of these resources requires familiarity with the Neotoma Database structure. Please refer to the Neotoma Database Manual for detailed documentation of the database.

Return all records in a table:<TableName>

Return a single record from a table:<TableName>/<RecordID>

Field Limiting

The table fields to include in the response can be specified by using the fields parameter with a comma separated list of field names . For example, return the Taxa table with only the TaxonName and TaxonID fields:,TaxonID

Sorting Results

Result records may be sorted by a specific field using the parameters below. Sorting can be combined with paging.

Parameter Description
sort Name of field on which to sort.
sortorder Order of sort: ascending or descending; default is ascending.

Paging Results

All tables support the use of limit and offset parameters to control the number of records returned in a request. The default is limit=1000 and offset=0. To disable paging, set limit=all.

Parameter Description
limit Maximum number of records to return.
offset Record index/position to start after; index starts at zero.

For example, return records 21-30 from the GeoPoliticalUnits table:


  1. AgeTypes
  2. AggregateChronologies
  3. AggregateDatasets
  4. AggregateOrderTypes
  5. AggregateSampleAges
  6. AggregateSamples
  7. AnalysisUnits
  8. ChronControls
  9. ChronControlTypes
  10. Chronologies
  11. CollectionTypes
  12. CollectionUnits
  13. Collectors
  14. Contacts
  15. ContactStatuses
  16. Data
  17. DatasetPIs
  18. DatasetPublications
  19. Datasets
  20. DatasetSubmissions
  21. DatasetSubmissionTypes
  22. DatasetTypes
  23. DepAgents
  24. DepAgentTypes
  25. DepEnvtTypes
  26. EcolGroups
  27. EcolGroupTypes
  28. EcolSetTypes
  29. FaciesTypes
  30. Geochronology
  31. GeochronPublications
  32. GeochronTypes
  33. GeoPoliticalUnits
  34. Keywords
  35. Lithology
  36. Projects
  37. PublicationAuthors
  38. PublicationEditors
  39. Publications
  40. PublicationTypes
  41. RelativeAgePublications
  42. RelativeAges
  43. RadiocarbonCalibration
  44. RelativeAgeScales
  45. RelativeAgeUnits
  46. RelativeChronology
  47. RepositoryInstitutions
  48. RepositorySpecimens
  49. SampleAges
  50. SampleAnalysts
  51. SampleKeywords
  52. Samples
  53. SiteImages
  54. Sites
  55. SiteGeoPolitical
  56. SpecimenDates
  57. Synonyms
  58. SynonymTypes
  59. Taxa
  60. TaxaGroupTypes
  61. Tephrachronology
  62. Tephras
  63. Variables
  64. VariableContexts
  65. VariableElements
  66. VariableModifications
  67. VariableUnits

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