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Returns a collections of contacts.

This resource provides information about the persons and organizations referenced in the database. Authors, principal investigators, data collectors, and sample analysts are a few of the many kinds of people associated with Neotoma data.

Request Parameters

Any of the following parameters may be specified in the call to filter results to a subset of contacts. If no parameters are provided, all contacts in the database will be returned.

Parameter Description
contactid Unique database record identifier for the contact.
contactname Name or partial name of the person, organization, or project.
contactstatus Current status of the person, organization, or project; see below for accepted values.
familyname Full or partial family name/surname of a person.

Status Values

Accepted values include:

Status Description
active Person, project, or organization is active in the field
deceased Person is deceased
defunct Project or organization is defunct or non-operational
extant Project or organization is extant
inactive Person is inactive in the field
retired Person is retired
unknown Status is unknown

Response Properties

A contact resource is described by the following properties.

Property Description
ContactID Unique database record identifier for the contact.
AliasID The ContactID of a person's current name. If the AliasID is different from the ContactID, the ContactID refers to the person's former name.
ContactName Full name of the person, last name first (e.g. “Simpson, George Gaylord”) or name of organization or project (e.g. “Great Plains Flora Association”).
ContactStatus Current status of the person, organization, or project. Field links to the ContactStatuses lookup table.
FamilyName Family or surname name of a person.
LeadingInitials Leading initials for given or forenames without spaces (e.g. “G.G.”).
GivenNames Given or forenames of a person (e.g. “George Gaylord”). Initials with spaces are used if full given names are not known (e.g. “G. G”).
Suffix Suffix of a person's name (e.g. “Jr.”, “III”).
Title A person’s title (e.g. “Dr.”, “Prof.”, “Prof. Dr”).
Phone Telephone number.
Fax Fax number.
Email Email address.
URL Universal Resource Locator, an Internet World Wide Web address.
Address Full mailing address.
Notes Free form notes or comments about the person, organization, or project.


Request Description All contacts Contact names that contain 'Flora' (e.g. Great Plains Flora Association) Contacts with family name of 'Smith' who are currently active researchers

View sample response

View sample response

View sample response

            "ContactName":"Grimm, Eric Christopher",
            "GivenNames":"Eric Christopher",
            "Address":"Illinois State Museum, Research and Collections Center, 1011 East Ash Street, Springfield, IL 62703",

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