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-test+====== 2016 C4P Community Development Event ====== 
 +The Neotoma Database Team will be participating in the [[http://​​content/​apply-c4p-paleodata-community-development-event-c4p-cde|C4P Community Development Event]] to be held June 20-21 at NCAR (the National Center for Atmospheric Research) in Boulder, CO.  The list below highlights resources that may be of assistance to participants. 
 +[[http://​​en/​latest/​|Neotoma Database Manual]] \\ 
 +{{:​neotoma_abridged_data_model_2016-02-01.pdf|Neotoma Abridged Database Model}} \\ 
 + \\ 
 +[[https://​​comp1.0/​|Earth Life Consortium API Prototype]] \\ 
 +[[http://​​group/​earth-life-consortium-elc| Earth Life Consortium Project]]

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